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Exhibitor information

To be eligible to hold a stall at the Vegan Expo, you must fit one of the following criteria:

a) You operate a food business and will offer only vegan food.

b) You operate a business that is of interest to vegans (e.g.: food stuffs, drinks, retail products or health care products, excluding supplements).

b i) Supplements: We do not accept registrations from businesses whose primary business is to sell supplements. Stalls selling supplements may be considered IF it is not the principle activity of the business and the supplement is of interest to the vegan community. e.g. B12.

b ii) Animal testing: We do not accept registrations from businesses who wish to sell products at the Expo that are tested on animals.

c) You own and operate an entirely vegan business.

d) You are part of a not-for-profit group with vegan principles. Please note we only accept registrations from NFPs and political parties IF they have veganism clearly stated in their aims/policies.

e) You are part of a vegan venture, community group or special project.


We expect that no meat or animal products will be brought on site on the day and that you bring no materials promoting a non-vegan diet such as leaflets with non-vegan recipes. We also ask that your stall is staffed at all times as we will not be able to safeguard your goods or respond to enquiries about your stall if you leave the site.

Preference will first be given to vegan, then to vegetarian-operated businesses, but others will be able to exhibit if they fit the other criteria and there is no vegan or vegetarian-operated businesses filling the niche.

Stalls are considered by the Committee of the Christchurch Vegan Society on the basis of these criteria. Applications to exhibit at the Expo close one month before the event. Latecomers may be considered if there is still space available.

About our venue


Opened in July 2019, Haere-roa is the new hub of UC students and the UCSA. This new, purpose-built space includes student welfare and advocacy spaces, an outdoor amphitheatre overlooking the Avon River, as well as club, meeting, hospitality, office and event spaces.

If you’re intending to cook food onsite, you will be allocated a sheltered stall outside as the venue does not permit cooking food inside. Heating or reheating food inside is permitted.

Stall holder costs

Our aim is to support our vegan friendly business and not for profit community by keeping the costs as low as we can for you. Because of this, the Vegan Expo stall sites do not come with partions, display boards or carpet. You can hire these separately if you want them from equipment hire companies.

Donations are appreciated; it costs us a lot of money to run this event and these donations are vital for the event’s continuation. Please note we are a charitable organisation so your donation is tax deductible.

Please also consider donating a raffle prize prior to the event for our annual fundraising raffle which is launched at the Expo. Contact us if you would like to offer a raffle prize.

Stall holders who require electricity will also incur an electricity charge, depending on the number of power boards required. Details are on the registration form. Again this is to help us cover costs.

COSTS 2023 (amounts exclude GST)

Standard stall size: 2.4m x 1.8m

Food stalls will be slightly bigger to allow for the extra space they require.

Non Profit Organisations – $100

Small businesses (with up to 10 full-time employees) – $225

Commercial Operators – $500


Wanting more space than the standard stall size?

$100 extra on top of the above charge. 50% more room than the standard stall size. This gives you space for two trestle tables in an L shape configuration.

Food stall information

We ask if you are having an indoor stall that you bring pre-cooked food that you can warm up on the day and do not rely on cooking food in the building at all. If you do need to cook food you will need to be positioned outside.

There is no kitchen available for our use on site so stall holders will need to have independent heating. We will discuss this with your further after receiving your registration.

Pack in is scheduled from 7.30am on Sunday, 15 October. All vendors must be set up and ready before the venue opens to the public at 10am. All vendors must report to the vendor manager on arrival. The vendor manager will direct you to your pre-allocated site. Do not begin to set up without first registering with the manager.

Outside food caravans/trucks must be in place by 9am as crowds will start forming after this time. All other vendors must unload their vehicles on arrival and then immediately remove their vehicles.

A map of the site will be provided closer to the time. The Expo will open to the public on Sunday, 15 October at 10am. The event closes at 4pm and you may begin packing up your stall at this time, however no vehicles will be allowed back on site to load up until permission given and then only be on the command of the site manager.

Please read and review the following carefully.


Set up can commence from 7.30am Sunday (15th). Access is not permitted outside of these times. A map of the site will be provided closer to the time. All stallholders must register with the Site Manager on arrival BEFORE unloading/setting up and all vehicles must be removed after unloading and before setting up. All stall setups must be completed by 10am Sunday. Pack down commences from 4pm however please note vehicles are not permitted to re-enter the site until announced by the Site Manager.


If plates, cutlery or drinking cups are required to serve, these must be plastic-free and biodegradable. While rubbish bins will be available these are only for the public so please take your rubbish with you. Under no circumstances should oil be discarded down the drains, toilets or in rubbish bins. Stall sites must be left clear of rubbish, oil, fats and food stains or you will be charged any cleaning fees. In the event of any damage or not following event procedures, stallholders may be excluded from attending future Vegan Expos.


Refunds on stallholder fees are at the discretion of the Christchurch Vegan Society. The closer to the date of the event, the less likely refunds can be given. No-shows without correspondence may not be invited to future Vegan Expos. Should you be seriously discontented with your allocated stall site and a suitable stall site cannot be found, we will be act fairly and reasonably and will likely issue a full refund.


The Expo will only run if we are in the Green traffic light setting, if the event is cancelled due to Covid-19 you will be refunded in full. To ensure we keep our community safe please ensure that you follow basic hygiene practices. Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the venue however it is a good idea to bring your own. Checking the Ministry of Health website will provide the most up to date advice to follow.


Once your application has been received it will be collated and passed through to the Expo Team for their consideration. You may be issued with an approval email which will indicate how to pay. Payment is due immediately on acceptance. Until payment is received, we cannot reserve your stall site and you are not confirmed to attend. Final acceptance will be confirmed once site payments have been made and recorded.


The event team reserves the right to decline any stallholders selling non-vegan items (such as meat, dairy and all other animal products including wool, silk and honey), supplements, including vegan supplements (unless the vegan supplements are a secondary focus of your stall), and/or promoting any religious, political or other material that may cause offence or in conflict of the vegan ethos. The Event Manager reserves the right to enforce this policy by requesting the removal or covering up of any words/images/items deemed inappropriate or conflicting with our Vegan Ethos.

Please respect our Vegan policy for the event – this means stalls must not have any products containing meat, dairy products, carmine, chicken, egg, honey, leather, wool, silk, or any other animal products.

You cannot sell or promote these products. If in doubt if something is suitable, please contact us.

We will be checking that all stalls only have vegan products. Failure to do so will result in being asked to remove non vegan items and/or leave the Expo with no refund.

If you are bringing your own lunch/snacks in, these must be vegan.

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