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Exhibitor information

We are now accepting registrations for this years Expo although please note placement is limited so we strongly advise to book early.

To be eligible to hold a stall at the Vegan Expo, you must fit one of the following criteria:

a) You operate a food business and will offer only vegan food

b) You operate a business that regularly caters for vegans (e.g.: food stuffs, drinks, retail products or health care products, excluding supplements)

c) You own and operate an entirely vegan business

d) You are part of a not-for-profit groups with vegan principles

e) You are part of a vegan venture, community group or special project.

More information coming soon

Stall holder costs

Our aim is to support our vegan business and not for profit community by keeping the costs as low as we can for you.

The new venue is significantly more expensive, however, so we have had to raise our fees.

Donations are appreciated; it costs us a lot of money to run this event and these donations are vital for the event’s continuation.

Please note we are a charitable organisation so your donation is tax deductible.

Please also consider donating a raffle prize prior to the event for our annual fundraising raffle which is launched at the Expo.

Stall holders who require electricity will also incur an electricity charge, depending on the number of power boards required. Details are on the registration form. Again this is to help us cover costs.

COSTS (amounts exclude GST)

$75 – Stall for Non Profit Organisations
$200 – Stall for Sole Traders (Extra table available for additional $160.00)
$500 – Stall for Commercial Operators (Extra table available for additional $400)
$180 – Space for for truck/caravan outside the Horncastle Arena entrance (very limited spots available)

Food stall information

There is a very limited amount of outside spaces for those wishing to cook on site.

We ask if you are having an indoor stall that you bring pre-cooked food which you can warm up on the day and do not rely on cooking food in the building at all.

There is no kitchen available for our use on site so stall holders will need to have independent heating. We will discuss this with your further after receiving your registration.

Pack in is scheduled for 2-4 pm on Saturday 27 October. All vendors need to finish setting up by 4 pm. All vendors must report to the vendor manager on arrival. The vendor manager will direct you to your pre-allocated site. Do not begin to set up without first registering with the manager. If you can only set up on the Expo day you must seek and have permission from the event team to do this.

Outside food caravans/trucks do not need permission as it is expected they will only be able to set up on the 28th. They must be in place by 9 am as crowds will start forming after this time. All other vendors must unload their vehicles on arrival and then immediately remove their vehicles.

A map of the site will be provided closer to the time. The Expo will open on Sunday 28 Oct at 10 am. Stall holders are expected to be on site an hour prior and can arrive anytime between 8-9 am. The event closes at 4.30 pm and you may begin packing up your stall at this time, however no vehicles will be allowed back on site to load up until permission given and then only be on the command of the site manager.

Onsite parking will be available for one vehicle per stall.

Preference will be given to first to vegan, then to vegetarian-operated businesses, but non-vegetarians may be able to exhibit if they fit the other criteria and there is no vegetarian-operated businesses filling the niche. We expect that no meat or animal products will be brought on site on the day and that you bring no materials promoting a non-vegan diet such as leaflets with non-vegan recipes. We also ask that your stall is staffed at all times as we will not be able to safeguard your goods or respond to enquiries about your stall if you leave the site.

Stalls are considered by the Committee of the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre on the basis of these criteria. Applications to exhibit at the Expo close one month before the event. Latecomers may be considered if there is still space available.

Please do not have any products containing the following on your stall: meat, dairy, eggs, fish, carmine, chicken, honey, leather, silk or wool or any other animal products. You cannot sell or promote these products. If you have recipe leaflets, they must be for vegan recipes only. We will be checking all stalls to ensure they keep to the ethos of the event. If you are bringing your own lunch/snacks in, these must be vegan.

Online registration form

Please note there are a limited number of stall spaces available and applications will be treated on a first come first served basis and also based on those who fit within the theme of the event. Applications have formally closed however we are still taking late applications for a limited number of stalls. 

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About the Vegan Expo

Originally launched in 2007 as the Vegetarian Expo in Christchurch, this inspiring annual food and lifestyle event has continued to demonstrate growth and popularity for the past ten years and is now held nationally.

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