A scrumptious plant-based food and lifestyle expo with inspirational speakers, green living ideas and over 50 cruelty free stores.

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New vegetarian and vegan options in Christchurch at The Fermentist in Sydenham. We can’t wait to try it out! ... Read moreClose

1 day ago

Vegan Expo Christchurch

Congratulations Vegan Expo Kapiti for your amazing first event. It’s clear there is a tonne of support and interest in plant-based living and vegan food in the Kapiti area.

Now bring on Christchurch’s event on October 28!WOW Kāpiti! What an enormously successful, sellout day. THANK YOU. We certainly didn't expect such a huge response, and clearly we needed a bigger venue, but that is Kāpiti's largest venue, so guess that means a bigger city next time! We're all shattered but glowing with admiration for everyone who decided to come. More to tell in coming posts. But wow everyone, you sure impressed us! 🙏👏🙏
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2 days ago

Vegan Expo Christchurch

If you’re in the greater Wellington area make sure you get to the first ever Vegan Expo Kapiti from 10am. Tickets are available on the door and more info is online at veganexpo.co.nz 😁

Vegan Expo Kapiti
We’ve sold out of stall sites, goodie bags and now online tickets. OMG. Is this a sign or what? 🙏👏🙏 Most importantly, ARE YOU COMING??? (Yes, we're yelling!!) Kāpiti, you've done us proud! Door sales from 10am.
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Moa Bakery, Cakery make allergy friendly lunches, cakes, cookies, breads and sweets. They can be found at 26 Arun St, Oamaru - and at Vegan Expo Christchurch on October 28!
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4 days ago

Vegan Expo Christchurch

*Drool*Vegan Lentils Pie, Yummmmm ... Read moreClose

Horncastle Arena, Christchurch

10am-4:30pm, Sunday, 28 October 2018

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