10:30am: COOKING DEMO – Monika Rastogi: Spinach and kale saag

Nicole Mathewson

Spinach and kale saag Monika Rastogi Monika Rastogi is a foodie at heart and has been a vegetarian since birth. She has lived in Bangladesh, China and now NZ is her home. She likes to teach and spread her love for cooking tasty and healthy Indian cuisine to different ethnicity, kids and adults of all ages. She runs her Indian cooking classes from the comfort of her home with warm hospitality  – making everyone feel comfortable. Monika is an experienced teacher and very good with kids. Since her son was 4 years old, she has been teaching him cooking, how to…

11:30am: COOKING DEMO – Dr Xiaoli (Lilly) Zhao: Chickpea pancake wrap


Chickpea pancake wrap DR XIAOLI (LILLY) ZHAO, PURE LIVING NETWORK After completing her plant-based protein study as a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Lincoln University in 2021, Lilly founded Pure Living Network – a platform for engagement and education that aims to transform people’s lifestyles to plant-based diets. Pure Living Network provides cooking demonstrations, seminars, and workshops activities. Dr Zhao also collaborates with international scholars on several projects related to plant-based diets and wellbeing.

12:30pm: COOKING DEMO – Yolanda Soryl: Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry jam filling

Cath Chittenden

Yolanda Soryl estimates she has baked more than 10,000 vegan cupcakes in her time. She makes them for family, friends, celebrations, potlucks, fundraisers and for fun. A huge baking fan, she spends far too much time watching baking shows, following vegan bakers and reading baking cookbooks. Yolanda compiled the CVS ‘Icing on the Quake’ cookbook and demonstrated baking from it on the Morning TV show. This recipe is from that book (which you can get from the Christchurch Vegan Society online store), but she is zhushing it up with the jam to make it even more delicious.

1:30pm: COOKING DEMO – Tom Riley: Summer greens (everything) pesto

Nicole Mathewson

Green Dinner Table Tom Riley Born and raised right here in Christchurch, Tom Riley became interested in the chef’s life after reading Orwell’s prolific Down and Out in Paris and London. Tom was educated at Ara (formerly CPIT), yet it was at home that Tom learnt a lot about plant-based cuisine thanks to his steadfastly vegan wife. Starting as a dishwasher in Christchurch, he worked his way up through various roles in the kitchens of Sydney and Edinburgh before leading a team of his own at one of the busiest cafes in Toronto. He now runs Green Dinner Table, an…

2:30pm: COOKING DEMO – Frances Young: Poor Wise Vegan

Nicole Mathewson

Poor Wise Vegan Frances Young Frances Young provides counselling and wellbeing advice, and facilitates plant-based eating Puawai Kai programmes with Pegasus’s Healthy Lifestyles team. Her Vegan Expo demonstration will focus on the 101 of vegan eating well, using the Healthy Vegan plate model.  Takeaways will be: Simple to follow nutritional guidance for vegans to make super-delicious/nourishing, easy-as, inexpensive vegan food – PLUS Food tasting, free food label reading kits and vegan recipe cards to go.