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The Vegan Expo is a wonderful and tantalising hub for all things vegan. It is the perfect place to be able to explore, research, shop and talk directly to vegan-friendly suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. Many stallholders and exhibitors also offer exclusive discounts and promotional offers on the day, making it even more special for those visiting.


Angel Food: Vegan cheeses

Avo Coco Delight: Avocado and coconut ice cream bar that comes in eight flavours

Choice Blocks: Real fruit handmade ice pops, bottled kombucha & organic fizz

Cinque & Cinque: Cinquettes – savoury and versatile vegan delights

Earth Monkey: Raw organic chocolate 100% plant based, vegan fudge, etc.

Gaya Tree, The: Organic meals, sweet treats, smoothies and tonics

Handsome Frog Cafe & Shoppe: Vegan pies and bread

Hell Pizza: Pizza, Sides and Dessert samples

Homegrown Juice Company: Raw cold pasteurised, great taste, great health

Hotspot Takeaways: Tasty meals prepared while you wait

Howler Hotdogs: A new breed of hotdog

I Love Sprouts: Sprout pouches and organic seeds

Kokonati: Organic pantry staples, all from the coconut

Lulu’s: Dairy free soft serve coconut based ice cream with vegan toppings

MamaZing: Kombucha and Delectables

Meganlicious Cakes: Providing Northland with vegan baking since 2014

My Goodness: Food trailer with Gluten free, Dairy free, Plant based ice cream

Palate Wholesome Collective: Gluten free, vegan, nutrient dense, wholesome meal

POP: Popcorn using plant based oil and natural ingredients

Power Plant: Vegan and Gluten free food stall

Purple Cat: Food truck selling Raw and Vegan foods & smoothies

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt: Vegan coconut yoghurt

Raw Creations: Raw cakes and balls using organic ingredients

Red Hot Kiwi Company: RED HOT KIWI CO Traditional Mexican Salsa

Savour: Organic, cultured, plant-based cashew cheeses and butter

Sweet As Bowl: Savoury and sweet meals in bowls

Sweet Seas: Wobbly ready-to-eat jelly dessert pots

Symbiota: Fermentation pots and kits for making fermented foods at home

Tart Bakery: Offering delicious vegan options for rolls, doughnuts, pastries, etc.

Tempeh Deli: Lupine tempeh

Trade Aid: Vegan chocolate products, drinking chocolate, spices, tea, coffee, etc

Uptons Naturals: Uptons Naturals Convenient Vegan Jackfruit

Vegan Supply: Pre-packaged food products

Vegetarian Butcher: Delicious goodies from sausages to steaks to our famous vege burgers

Vince: Quick, easy to prepare whole foods plant based mince

Wise Boys: Food truck selling burgers and sides


Art by Lynda Bell: Cards, prints, colouring books, calendars of animal artwork with vegan themes

Ask a Doctor: Walk-in discussion with the doctor on switching to a plant based diet

Dirty Hippie: Zero waste products and beauty products including shampoo bars.

Fair + Square Soapery: Natural hand crafted soaps.  Vegan.  Palm oil free.

Linda Lucy Haines Perfumery: Premium, vegan natural perfumery for her & him

Naked Tribe: 100% natural vegan handcrafted products & eco friendly items

NZAVS: Public awareness on animal testing and petition sheets for people to sign

Plant Vibe: 4 Easy vegan dinner recipes weekly with shopping list

SAFE for Animals: Works to create an ethical Aotearora NZ that ensures rights of animals

SANOlifestyle: Natural handmade soaps and body care products

Subtropica: Wide range of subtropical fruiting trees proven to grow successfully in New Zealand

Taiamai Wairua Heritage: We specialise in handmade soaps and balms using a native plant kumarahou

True You Wellness: Vivobarefoot vegan range of shoes

Vegan Society of Aotearoa NZ: Supports & facilitates vegan lifestyle. Info stall.

Viola Organics: Organic skin, hair and body care products

Whole Food Living: Promoting & offering founding subscriptions to the quarterly magazine

Wild and Green: Organic and fair-trade certified cotton tee-shirts and eco-friendly accessories

About the Vegan Expo

Beginning in 2016, the Whangarei Vegan Expo is an annual event that exhibits the very best of veganism. Stallholders from around the country showcase their plant-based products and services, while speakers and presenters share the benefits of veganism. Previous years have seen 1500+ attendees, international guests, fun cooking demos, delicious food, live music and much more! We can’t wait to see you!

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