Talks and workshops

We have an exciting line up of guest speakers from around the country and overseas.

10AM: Expo opens

10:30AM: TALK – Dr David Hammer: “Feed me, Seymour”: the New Science of Gut Microbiology and Food

Dr David Hammer is a microbiologist and epidemiologist who passionately believes that a plant-based diet is simply better for the health of individuals, communities and the entire planet.


Talk held in Bougainville Theatre.


10:30AM: TALK – Christian Huriwai: Aotearoa, the first vegan nation

Inspiring Christian Huriwai is a leader of a vegan advocacy group which engages with the public utilising a variety of methods to foster debate on the relationship between animals and people, and the way this impacts on our environment.  He has a strong vision of a future Aotearoa in which our relationship with animals is built on trust and compassion.


Talk held in Cafler 1 room.


11:30AM: TALK – Raniera Rewiri: Food conscious Maori

Raniera is of Tuhoe descent and, with whanau members, operates a food truck, Tupuanuku. He describes himself as a food-conscious Maori who uses food as a message of good health and wellness.


Talk held in Cafler 1 room.

12:30PM: TALK – Dr Michael Klaper: Doc, Your Patients are Eating Themselves to Death

Doctor Klaper is an American physician, vegan health educator, and event speaker, and the author of articles , books and videos on vegan medical advice. Until recently the supervising physician at the East West Natural Medicine Clinic in Santa Rosa, California, Doctor Klaper now works as a consultant on plant- based nutrition and healing.

Talk held in Bougainville Theatre via Skype.

12:30PM: TALK – Amira Mudford: The Alchemy and Art of Kombucha with MamaZing

Amira is the Co-founder and Managing Director of MamaZing Kombucha. Combining the roles of scobyologist, alchemist and herbalist, she has oversight of the kombucha production process at MamaZing.


Demo in Bounty Room.

1:30PM: TALK – Yolanda Soryl: Veganism 101: How to Go and Stay Vegan

Yolanda is an educator, and the President of the Christchurch Vegan Society. She has been involved in the vegan/animal-rights movement since 1983. Yolanda has a passion for fostering vegan community, and has been the key organiser of the Christchurch Vegan Expos.


Talk held in Cafler 2 room.


2:30PM: TALK – Dr Luke Wilson: Next Level Health

Dr Luke Wilson will introduce the Whole Food Plant-based approach and the impact it can have on your health. You’ll learn about the five foods that can help take your health to the next level as well as five foods to avoid. After graduation, Luke worked at Gisborne Hospital as a general practitioner, and later as a co-lead researcher and creator of a community-based lifestyle. Luke co-founded Two Zesty Bananas and has spoken at numerous events in New Zealand and Australia. Luke is from Wellington and is Board- certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine.


Talk held in Cafler 1 room.


3:30PM: TALK – Raja Raman: The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Raja Raman is a freelance IT consultant with over 30 years’ industry experience in the UK and India. He moved to New Zealand recently and has been on a plant-based diet since mid- December 2017. He has seen significant improvement in his personal health and will share his experience at his talk.


Talk held in Bougainville Theatre.


4PM: Expo closes

About the Vegan Expo

Whangarei held their first Vegan Expo in 2016 and was greatly inspired by the Christchurch Expo which has been held for over ten years now. We are excited to continue to spread the news of this great diet and lifestyle by holding our annual Vegan Expo in Whangarei.

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