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Whangarei Vegans Exhibitor Contacts:

PHONE: 027 6304628

EMAIL: whangarei@veganexpo.co.nz


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Exhibitor information

We are beginning to process registrations on July 26th for this year’s Expo although please note placement is limited so we strongly advise to book early. THE APPLICATION FORM AND OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION WILL BE UP ON HERE BY JULY 25th.

To be eligible to hold a stall at the Vegan Expo, you must fit one of the following criteria:

a) You operate a food business that offers only vegan food

b) You operate a business that regularly caters for vegans (e.g.: food stuffs, drinks, retail products or health care products)

c) You own and operate an entirely vegan business

d) You are part of a not-for-profit groups with vegan principles

e) You are part of a vegan venture, community group or special project.

Online application form

Please note there are a limited number of stall spaces available and applications will be treated on a first come first served basis, spacing available for product categories and also based on those who fit within the theme of the event. Applications close …
Click HERE for application form (available on July 25th)

About the Vegan Expo

Whangarei held their first Vegan Expo in 2016 and was greatly inspired by the Christchurch Expo which has been held for over ten years now. We are excited to continue to spread the news of this great diet and lifestyle by holding our annual Vegan Expo in Whangarei.

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