2pm: TALK – Dr Mike Joy: Feeding the world in the future

Cath Chittenden

Feeding the world in the future

Dr Mike Joy, Senior researcher, Victoria University

Dr Mike Joy is an outspoken advocate for environmental protection in New Zealand and has been highly decorated with numerous prestigious environment awards. In 2009, he was appointed the Environmental New Zealander of the Year and three years later, Person of the Year! Mike will discuss how we can continue to feed the burgeoning human population without relying on fossil fuels to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level. Mike is a New Zealand freshwater ecologist and science communicator. He is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science in Massey University’s Ecology Group at Palmerston North campus.


“The human population has reached a level far in excess of the ability of the planet to sustain it long-term through using synthetic nitrogen. I will explain why we need to take steps to no longer include farmed animals in our diet,” says Mike.


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