10:15am: TALK – Kylie Dale: Eat Kind – Serving kindness on a plate


Eat Kind – Serving kindness on a plate

Kylie Dale, Eat Kind Officer, SAFE For Animals

Throughout Kylie’s Eat Kind talk, you’ll discover that each of us has the potential to change the world. Kylie will offer insight into how animals are raised for food in New Zealand as well as include some wonderful stories of animals who have been spared. She will also discuss the environmental and health benefits before she covers how to start eating kinder for animals, for our planet and for you!


“As an individual, choosing not to include animal-based foods in your diet can save around 100 animals every year. It is also the best way to protect the environment and safeguard your body into living a long, happy and healthy life! I think you’ll be surprised at just how easy and enjoyable it can be,” says Kylie.


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