12:30pm: COOKING DEMO – Jarrad + Arjuna: Mac n’ cheese and pancakes

Cath Chittenden

Mac n’ cheese and Arjuna’s Sunday pancakes

Jarrad and Arjuna (aged 7)

Jarrad was born with culinary ambitions in mind that has guided him into becoming an exceptional vegan chef. He’s volunteered for Food for Life Australia for over 7 years, managing catering gigs and cooking divine wholesome cuisine for thousands of people at a time. He is a manager, mentor, business owner, husband and father of two who also enjoy cooking. In fact, his eldest son Arjuna (aged 7) will be joining him in the demonstration.


Meet Arjuna, the youngest chef-to-be at this year’s Vegan Expo! This trainee kitchen-whizz has been in the kitchen since he could crawl and has the same cooking bug as his parents. Arjuna loves whipping up pancakes every Sunday and is excited to be joining his dad at the Expo. This culinary father and son duo will be whipping up two handy and nutritious dishes that every kid loves!