1:30pm: COOKING DEMO – Tom Riley: Summer greens (everything) pesto

Nicole Mathewson

Green Dinner Table

Tom Riley

Born and raised right here in Christchurch, Tom Riley became interested in the chef’s life after reading Orwell’s prolific Down and Out in Paris and London. Tom was educated at Ara (formerly CPIT), yet it was at home that Tom learnt a lot about plant-based cuisine thanks to his steadfastly vegan wife.

Starting as a dishwasher in Christchurch, he worked his way up through various roles in the kitchens of Sydney and Edinburgh before leading a team of his own at one of the busiest cafes in Toronto. He now runs Green Dinner Table, an all-vegan meal service based in Christchurch. Inspired by ingredients and techniques, Tom is passionate about sharing his love for good food with anyone lucky enough to taste what he’s prepared.

Tom will be making Summer greens (everything) pesto.

With the abundance of summer greens this recipe is great guide to making pesto and avoiding buying the very expensive supermarket stuff.