1:30pm: TALK – Busy vegan on a budget


Olivia Bell

I have enjoyed a plant-based life for over 27 years. During this time, I have lived in 5 different countries (throughout NZ, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, and South Korea). I have travelled to 36 countries. As an early childhood teacher, I have taught how to cook healthy, plant-based meals. I am also a frugal, minimalist who spends about $120 a week on groceries for my partner and I.

Find out how easy and affordable it is to be a vegan

  • How to save time and money while living vegan
  • Vegan essentials for your pantry and fridge
  • Shopping tips that will save you money
  • Cooking tips that will save you time
  • Travel tips for eating vegan food on the go
  • Information on community resources such as the fruit and vegetable coop
  • And a brief intro into the vegan cooking class that we have set up