11:15am: TALK – Sharlene Wilson: Meet the Animals

Nicole Mathewson

Meet the animals

Sharlene Wilson, Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue founder

Canterbury Tails is an animal rescue and sanctuary in North Canterbury. It all started when Sharlene was contacted about a much-loved pet pig who had outgrown his home and sadly there were very few options for him. It was then that Sharlene realised how at risk these unconventional pets are. Paul now lives with Sharlene at Canterbury Tails.

The rescue, which became a registered charity in 2020, now helps other unconventional pets and abandoned animals find safe forever homes.
Sharlene share stories of the animals she meets to show that these “pets” are no different than the animals people eat.

“I’m passionate about animals and education. As we rescue and rehome more and more animals I’m concentrating on education and telling the stories of the animals we’ve met,” Sharlene says.

“Creating awareness is the key to reducing the suffering of animals. Every animal is an individual.”