Talks from special guests

We have an exciting line up of guest speakers from around the country.

11:00am: TALK – Asha Surrey: Life changing habits to improve your health and vitality

Turning healthy choices into embedded daily habits

Asha Surrey is passionate about researching and implementing habits that promote health and vitality. Asha will provide a potentially life-changing presentation sharing her knowledge of how to take your health and lifestyle habits to the next level. Asha will help with the next steps towards better health and discuss incorporating them as part of your daily routine.

11:45am: TALK – Krysta Neve: Eating with Kindness

Eat Kind Programme

Krysta Neve is the cooordinator of The Eating with Kindness programme at SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation). Her talk is an introduction to a vegan diet that details the benefits to animals, the planet and our health. SAFE aims to make significant improvements to the lives of animals by raising awareness, challenging cruel practices, changing attitudes and fostering compassion so that they are no longer exploited or abused by humans.

12:30pm: TALK – Dr Mike Joy: Feeding the world in the future

Our deadly nitrogen addiction

The human population has reached a level far in excess of the ability of the planet to sustain it long-term through using synthetic nitrogen. Dr Mike Joy will discuss how we can continue to feed the burgeoning human population without relying on fossil fuels to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a safe level. He will explain why we need to take steps to no longer include farmed animals in our diet. Mike is a New Zealand freshwater ecologist and science communicator. He is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Science in Massey University’s Ecology Group at Palmerston North campus.


1:15pm: TALK – Dr Luke Wilson: The incredible benefits of whole foods

Next Level Health

Dr Luke Wilson will introduce the Whole Food Plant-based approach and the impact it can have on your health. You’ll learn about the five foods that can help take your health to the next level as well as five foods to avoid. After graduation, Luke worked at Gisborne Hospital¬†is a general practitioner, and later a co-lead researcher and creator of a community-based lifestyle intervention using whole foods plant-based nutrition. Luke co-founded Two Zesty Bananas and has spoken at numerous events in New Zealand and Australia. Luke is from Wellington and is Board Certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine.


2:00pm: TALK – Catherine Amey: Pacifism, feminism, vegetarianism and animal rights

The Kinship of all Living Beings

Catherine Amey is a writer, librarian and vegan baker who lives in Wellington who holds the peace and animal rights movements close to her heart. Catherine says although New Zealand’s economy has long depended on the bodies and infant milk of animals, this country also has a hidden history of vegetarianism. Her presentation the ‘Kinship of All Living Beings’ explores connections between pacifism, feminism, vegetarianism and animal rights in Aotearoa since the 1850s. She is the author of The Compassionate Contrarians: a History of Vegetarians in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the editor of the cookbook, A Taste of Freedom.

2:45pm: TALK – Coces: Life on an animal sanctuary

Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary, Otaki

Coces will share heartfelt stories of the good work the sanctuary does in their tireless efforts to provide a refuge for abused, neglected, and mistreated animals, and especially former farm animals. Set up by the Animal Protection Society in November 2009, the Society bought 26 acres of land to set up a sanctuary for animals founded on animal rights principles. Visit there website

4:30pm: Expo closes

About the Vegan Expo

2019 marks the second Vegan Expo in Kapiti. This year promises to be even bigger and better thanks to a massive new marquee. This inspiring, entirely plant-based food and lifestyle is a not-t0-be missed event! Bring your friends and see you there.

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