10:15am: TALK – The Vegan Kickstarter: Kickstart Your Health

Nicole Mathewson

Katarina Tawiri, Food For Life Katarina runs the award-winning nutrition education and cooking class programme that provides an innovative approach to diet-related chronic diseases in a socially fun and entertaining environment. Designed by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians, Food for Life promotes healthful eating based on the latest scientific research.   Kickstart Your Health is the first of a four-part series of classes. During this 60-minute introductory class, you will learn about the science behind plant-based eating, how to create a menu plan, a shopping list and how to read food labels. It includes a Vegan Starter Kit (with lots…

11:30am: TALK – Possums are as Kiwi as Fish and Chips


Dr Emily Major Possum Advocacy and the Potential for Compassionate Conservation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Dr Emily Major is a vegan academic activist who has dedicated her life to helping alleviate cruelty and violence towards nonhuman animals… particularly those species deemed as ‘pests’. Her recent doctoral dissertation, ‘Possums are as Kiwi as Fish and Chips’: Possum Advocacy and the Potential for Compassionate Conservation in Aotearoa New Zealand, was chosen as one of the University of Canterbury’s Graduate Success Stories for 2023. Emily is actively working on publishing research from her thesis and continues to educate the public through various outreach…

12:30pm: TALK – The health benefits of a whole food plant based diet


Dr Mandy Bergstrom, Evidence Based Eating (NZ) A doctor based in Southland, Mandy is passionate about preventative medicine and addressing the various risk factors that contribute significantly to our leading causes of death and disease. “Diet is the number one risk factor for early deaths worldwide, yet it is often not sufficiently addressed in our hospitals, practices or even medical schools. We owe it to our patients to provide them with accurate and up-to-date knowledge to help prevent and potentially reverse chronic diseases, which is why I am promoting a whole-food, plant-based diet.”

1:30pm: TALK – Busy vegan on a budget


Olivia Bell I have enjoyed a plant-based life for over 27 years. During this time, I have lived in 5 different countries (throughout NZ, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Kuwait, and South Korea). I have travelled to 36 countries. As an early childhood teacher, I have taught how to cook healthy, plant-based meals. I am also a frugal, minimalist who spends about $120 a week on groceries for my partner and I. Find out how easy and affordable it is to be a vegan How to save time and money while living vegan Vegan essentials for your pantry and fridge Shopping…

2:30pm: TALK – Nutrition basics: Vegan edition


Rebecca Dent Rebecca will take you through the basics of good nutrition, what vegans need to specifically pay attention to, and tips on how to put this into practice. She will cover how to build a balanced meal, vegan-specific vitamin and mineral considerations, what supplements are helpful and worth your time, and also bust some common vegan nutrition myths. If you’re feeling lost or confused about where to start with improving your nutrition, Rebecca will provide you with a framework that helps you determine your next best steps.